Kacha Resort Complex-Rasht

Unlike other projects the Kacha was developed outside the limitations of the urban environment. Located in northern Iran in the province of Rasht about 270 kilometers from Tehran is the Kacha tourism complex. The setting of the site is generally covered with greenery, overlooking a ravine it is nearby stunning rivers. The 46,000 sq/m of site plan allows for 3 types of buildings housing of 348 units surrounded with social spaces, parks, sport facilities and recreation centers.
The site lies at the top of a valley; the housing units take a linear form, with services running along a central spine beneath the ground level, emulating a river beneath the wooden pedestrian bridges that connect the social areas to the dwellings. All apartments are orthogonally planned, but divided into a series of blocks at changing angles to follow the river-bank. The apartments adapt to both the slope of the land and the curve of the street. It produces a sober, luminous, ordered image, thanks to the continuity of design of each of the modules making up the schema.
Not only the height of the complex is an optimum choice in order to take full advantage of the sidelight and the spectacular view but also the shape; because of its form of double segments of a circle, most of the apartments take advantage of a wider view with a broader facade. This impression is farther emphasized by the penetrations in most units to two different directions, which makes them spacious and well lighted,
The dwellings are flats that vary in size from one to three bedrooms, all accessed by stairways situated on the outside of the building overlooking the ravine. The architectural concept foresees a solar structure facing north in combination with balconies. The Kacha project is an attractive tourism complex that is fit for an urban escape and into an architecture closely bonded with nature.