The Mixed-Use of London Memorial Complex

The London Multi-Purpose Integrated Multi-Purpose Building of London's Memorial Architecture is located on an area of ​​12,200 square meters in Kish Island near the Iranian Boulevard as the backbone of the island, as well as the special axis of Kish. Because of the special and different nature of the special axis of civilizations that depicts the history of civilization And the emergence of the world's oldest and contemporary cultures, the design of the piece is also proposed following the design process with the idea of ​​the London Memorial Architecture.
The project in general consists of 6 different blocks, and in particular mixed residential, hotel, commercial, office, service (cultural, sports, recreational) applications. Each of the 6 proposed blocks is a symbol of a famous London city building that has been embedded in a schematic structure inspired by the city of London.The project center is also a simulated river inspired by the London Times Times.In total, the layout of the buildings is carried out in such a way that the adjacent buildings of the special axis are adapted for commercial, recreational, sports and hotel use, so as to increase the vitality of the active wall adjacent to the special axis and attract the population, and residential buildings and hotel apartments with the clients Exclusive from the front of the service suite.