Hotel Amiran KhoramAbad

The Amiran hotel complex in Lorestan province, khorramabad, on the hillside of the central city, boasts a very strategic location. This project's concept idea is come from classical architect which is use a combination of stones and classical materials. This hotel with its special brown color on the highest point of hill, demonstrate architectural authority. In addition, in facade design of this project by using, full and empty levels, various traces, beautiful proportions and some breaks in masses with interesting and special lighting at night, provide urban land mark for Khoramabad city.
Since Khoramabad has a lack of hotels, This project with various land use which specially focus on hotel complex, is play a major role as sanatorium for this city. Whereas this project is located on green filed with fantastic topography that it has, it can play as symbolic building for this town.
Amiran hotel by providing pools complex, sauna, accommodation rooms and various restaurants in different sizes, enhance sense of tourism with infrastructure services for Khoramabad. In this project with special entrance which use Persepolis concepts, produce sense of glory and magnificence for this complex. Moreover, by designing special and fantastic roof garden where all restaurants, café and recreational and cultural elements are located there can creating an interactive urban space.