Moshir Shopping Center

Moshir Shopping mall and entertainment center is 12,000 sq/m of iconic architecture; with its grand presence and eye catching façade this building is bold in its statement. It is a result of a traditional evolution in correspondence with modernity; this is to say it confronts both the past and the future as they merge to construct what is now a contemporary architecture.
A mare example of this is clear in the fabrication of the walls and columns, where traditional skin modules and patterns are evident, however these patterns are now made of pre-cast concrete as oppose to earlier ways of traditional construction which was mainly done by hand and certainly on site. A more obvious and noticeable example is the utilization of electric stairs within traditional grounds.
The site of the project is located between two main roads; Moshir Avenue East with 45 meters width and FakhrAbad Street with 20 meters width. From the center of the site a circumference of 1600 meters was selected for investigation in order to observe vital information regarding the site. All the surrounding urban hubs and intersections as well as the distribution of commercial activities were analyzed and played a vital role in the final establishment of the design.
The building consists of 6 levels, 4 of which are underground. These levels hold a theme park, a hypermarket a restaurant and other commercial spaces. At the roof level some of these spaces embrace a massive and breathtaking green roof. These green spaces contain of ponds and trees and social spaces inspired by tradition Iranian architecture, an indication of the importance in green design is also implemented in the exterior walls where massive trees are literally framed to decorate the public’s eye and influence the importance of greenery.
The cross center division creates a very interesting interior space. There are two main corridors and at both sides of them are four absorbing elements two of which are main, and secondary entrances and the others are big department stores which respond to a variety of visitors. The main corridors are transformed into an atrium shape especially at the main entrance by expanding and widening and opening the roof top of the ground floor above the main corridor, while a loop works as a connection for accessing the main corridors.
The inspiration of the design is rather domestic, since most ideas were inspired by the history of architecture in Shiraz, Iran. These include: the old market in the center of the city, The gateway of the main entrance of VAKIL Bazar, traditional Roof garden Designs such as Delgosh Garden, Nari Garden and Eram Garden. These examples are precisely reflected upon the design of Mooshir Shopping mall and entertainment center.