Crystal Commercial Center

Crystal Complex Is the first shopping center of its kind in the region, Instead of the box-like building typical of the emerging shopping centers in central Shiraz KhatoSafhe has created a complex that differs from the usual. It is a decisive contribution towards the modernization and increase in quality of retail offering in the region.

Located in the center of Shiraz, within 11427sq/m there are 8 levels and 5 underground parking levels; In addition to 30 shops this complex houses 15 office spaces.

The Deconstructivist crystalline-form is sitting on top of a steel frame. The overall aim of The Crystal is to provide openness and accessibility. The goal is to act as an open threshold where people, animate the space. The interior layout has been designed in the spirit of the sun and light, symbolizing a life giving source for the shoppers. The Crystal also gave different aspects to the complex; fascinating visuals, architectural artifacts and environment, art, correspondence between object and space.