Mixed Use Project

The soft, organic and green project, both in plan and in cross-section, is composed of a sequence of soft motions and curved lines that evoke a sense of continuing sea waves on an artificial landscape, as if the waves were enveloping the site. In order to pass the sea breeze and create various views, spaces have been emptied among the volumes that have made social interactions possible in this place. Also on the roof of the project, which connects the volumes, water facilities overlooking the Persian Gulf, make it possible for residents to use water recreation in different seasons.
The most important feature in the design of the K5 multifunctional project is the presence of an open corridor in the center of a series of volumes, which extends as an interconnected chain throughout the volume. This corridor, as the central lobby, provides lighting for the spaces and rooms of the residential units. This path is like an urban space, it has been created so exploratory and diverse that it is like passing on an urban street with very different perspectives. Along this city street, which is located on the first commercial floor, there are entrances and residential lobbies that privately lead the residents to different floors of the towers. On the outside of this corridor, there are all kinds of commercial spaces that have been injected in order to make this route more dynamic. Shops with uses such as coffee shops, bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants, etc., which have the possibility of independent access from outside the site, although public access to the interior of the corridor is closed.
Form of the project consists of cubes that have slipped on top of each other and each one goes back a little, making it possible to watch the sky from each of these terraces. Terraces that are considered as a yard with sufficient dimensions for the units and provide a special view for the residents.
In the most important part of the project, the hotel building stands out like a jewel made of slippery pearls. In the narrow part of the land, where the east and west sides meet, the hotel building is created .