The Mixed-Use of Doustan

Doustan commercial center is a breakthrough of modern architecture in Shiraz. It is the first commercial center containing mixed used spaces and functions joint to create a unity never seen in the province. The commercial spaces include a variety of shops a food court, an ice-ring, 4d theater and a theme park. Other spaces include offices located on the higher floors, separate although united to the whole. These spaces are accordingly spaced out on different floors particularly to create hot spots for a more efficient and effective circulation.  

On the exterior suitable circulation design has allowed for a pedestrian connection between the two adjacent roads, this has allowed for an urban connection functional even after hours when the commercial center is closed.

Green spaces play a viable role in the project, connecting the buildings modern characteristics to the natural world, perhaps it is a silent method of greeting modernism through creating a sense of ease and comfort within a population not so contended to the notion of modernity. Its glass panel façade is an extension of this scheme.

The buildings footprint covers 100% of the total site area of 7834 m/sq. Friendly to the environment the building particularly takes its surroundings into account; accurate shadow studies have played an important role in the design process, primarily shaping the roof so that the shadow cast over its adjacent 7 story building is reduced to 3 floors. 

Dustan commercial center is an iconic expression of modernism firmly standing its ground at the mid of Maliabad in Shiraz, Iran.