Sadaf 110-Unit Residential Complex

By stacking concrete “boxes” in variant geometrical configurations, Khato Safhe was able to break the traditional form of orthogonal apartments, locating each box a step back from its immediate neighbor. This ingenious method provided each apartment with a roof garden, a constant flow of fresh air and a maximum of natural light: qualities which are essential in response to the warm climate of Kish Island.

Sadaf thus pioneered the integration of two housing typologies—the suburban garden home and the economical high-rise apartment building. Sadaf is really two ideas in one. One is about prefabrication, and the other is about rethinking apartment-building design in the new paradigm.

With its recognizable form Sadaf is made of prefabricated concrete units  arranged in various combinations, reaching up to 14 stories in height. Together these units create 283 residences of varying sizes and configurations; each unit is connected to at least one private terrace.

The development was designed to integrate the benefits of suburban homes, namely gardens, fresh air, privacy, and multileveled environments, with the economics and density of a modern urban apartment building.