Mahour Residential Complex

The volume sits on a 1100 sq/m site that accommodates for 12000sq/m of infrastructure. This building reinterprets the characteristic residential buildings of the contemporary era, with sustainable attributes it is the theme of the future, and thus the issue of interest was how one might reconcile the requirements of a developing lifestyle with great spatial adaptability.
The apartments are developed around an opaque nucleus that houses the elevators and the garbage shoot where at the perimeter bathrooms and kitchens are situated. The living areas are open plan creating great views in the interior and the exterior, providing a great sense of space.
With 5 underground parking levels that provide 84 parking units and a ground floor consisting of a yoga room, meeting room and a reading room, this building has 12 floors above the ground floor with a green roof on top.
Construction of the structural system took great importance due to seismic loading and the high proportion of construction costs that the structure represents. The system adopted although not utilizing the most sophisticated production techniques it is a significant departure from the normal massive framework used on this type of building.
On the exterior facades there seems to be no repetition in the design language. The vertical and horizontal geometries are challenged and through manipulation and accumulation an eventful and dynamic form is born, these forms divide the building into many single identities and sections, however the texture and color remain predominant throughout the building.
These special modules were interrupted according to functional necessities: their minimal definition provides great adaptability. The vertical assembling of the blocks the rhythm of joints and the presence of random balconies and green spaces extruding in and out create a varied combination of elements. The relationship between the parts and the whole becomes the omnipresent motif of the project.