Dadgostari 840 - Unit Residential Complex

Within 65 hector of an urban district are three residential high rises called the “Triplets” two of which are placed on both ends of Dad-Gostari apartments. The Triplets Tower reach the skies with a total of 31 floors and are in a form of a hexagon. This shape is inspired by handmade traditional Iranian craft and the carved flower of the Persepolis. It is fascinating to make out this forms ability in generating unique spaces and behaviors; particularly it has maximized the structure and framing strength against the natural environment, while creating spacious  and unique floor plans within each level.
There are 6 units per level, with 235sq/m floor area per unit. A centric vertical access connects all units within a hexagon corridor. The last two floors are pent houses that consist of two floors with massive green balconies. In addition to the building plan the central core acts as a main vertical support and the outer cells would act as the corridors while  the other cells-spaces are the surrounding rooms. Hexagonal walls enclose the largest possible areas while wasting no space between them.
Each part of this architecture is connected with one another through Hexagonal geometry under simple structural order, like networks on the internet or synapses of the brain. This structure makes it possible to transform and extend spaces to its maximum capacity. Under this concept the spaces are modified to be fit to the real aims. Each tower has the path of daylight and ventilation, and the green planter. The purpose is creating specific and stimulus spaces, producing facilities unified with architecture, making people active while saving energy and offering luxurious life styles by forming a new fashion of living to the residents of Shiraz.