Residential Towers Barfforoosh District

Framing what one wishes to see, shielding from what one does not want to suffer, inverting the bad into good, altering the negative constraints of the site to create positive reality; that was the challenge facing the Six twins high rise residential buildings that make up a portion of a 65 acre urban development located in the outer skirts of Sadra city, situated on the north east of Shiraz.
The building is intended to satisfy the multiple and varying needs of the urban human being in the 20th century by setting new standards in architecture. The original project presented community-oriented ideas that integrated comfort and housing.
Architecturally the building is set around a central core containing the elevator and staircase used to circulate vertically through the special distribution. A central cavity connecting the different levels functions as an air shaft and provides fire safety, it also intercepts with service shafts grouped together along one of the party walls. In this way, it was possible to completely glass in the exterior of the building and configure the main bedrooms as open and continuous spaces. The building facade is uniform and sober, interrupted only by prominent sun blocks. Thanks to the almond-shaped plan and every apartment benefits from natural lighting
Flexibility is a key element in the sense that attention has been paid to individual ideas in each apartment in terms of design and detail. Spaciousness and comfort are the norm, achieved through the creative imaginative use of space. Thus functional floor plan layout has been achieved with great simplicity, the apartments occupy the levels contained within 8 units of 2-4 bedrooms. 120m/sq to 180m/sq.
With 23 floors and 3 levels of underground parking the complexes main nucleus is the shared area which combines a lobby, library, community kitchen, office, recreation area and a waiting room. The complex is set to offer retreat as well as openness. As seen not only in the glass façade which provide natural light and transparency but also in the figurative sense of openness of solutions regarding the community.