Commercial & Office Complex Farhangshahr

Farhang Shahr project is located at a 2850 sqm land in one of the main arterial streets of Shiraz. The project with commercial-office uses, has a landscape from the north to the Ghasrodasht gardens and from the south to Derak mountains and has the ability to show off in a beautiful green environment. Considering the functional and office use of the project, using recurring and green elements, has created a dynamic and attractive appearance. The project utilizes movable panels that allow the interior to create a variety of light. In caved panels derived from the biophilic architecture, the inner structure of a leaf is transformed into a specific architecture.
Using of ocher as a cheerful and attractive color on the panels with metal and glass substruction which is impressive from kilometers away. In addition the trees used on the façade and green roof have made the street dynamic. Other important elements used in the project are colored glass, which is very delicate in different parts of the building façade, and in combination with trees and a moveable ochre panel appears as an attractive element on the project façade.
Light and shadow of the panels in the interior, provide varied and dynamic office space. Creating the concept of floor, body and celling, which are colored strips that move from the ground to the façade and roof, are other project concepts. Colored strips that make all the spaces variety and meaning.