39- Unit Residential Complex

Located in the corner of Finch Avenue west and Clarkhill street is an infill townhouse project. The block of attached residential units makes up of 48 units. These units range from one bedroom to two bedroom plus den apartments and studios.

 The by-fold floor plan design allows units to have more than three floors with interesting divisions that permits privacy within remote spaces while substantially connecting social spaces visually and physically. The plan intertwines units vertically and horizontally creating dynamic floor plans rather than a rectangular plan as one would expect from the exterior. This method engages ones sense of an ordinary townhouse into something different and new promoting livelihood and livability as one would experience in a typical house. 

Active green roofs also play a vital role in enhancing the resident’s life-styles as promoting life and sustainability. The exteriors playful volume however differs from the usual townhouses in the area; the section of the building sets back on each floor, while the front façade extrudes in and out permitting interesting volumes and balconies.