Naz Residential Complex

Next to Kereshme Residential stands the residential apartment of Naz. This project is being developed on a 26 acre district part of Barfforosh project; a 65 acre urban district located in the North-west of Shiraz. The overlaying of a more urbane with a more rural typology corresponds to the semi-urban town planning situation outside the district. The architect of the general project has organized the area using traditional forms of the city (avenues, streets, squares, parks, margins, etc.) and invited modern ideas and schemes into the plan. The scheme seems to achieve different objectives, the first objective is to attain a better relationship with the environment, and the second objective is to achieve a contrast between the adjacent buildings and the district as a whole.

There are a total of 12 floors with an additional of 4 underground parking levels accommodating 114 cars. There are a total of 65 units within an area of 19058 sq/m. The higher floors of the building are set back from the main volume. Up to the 4th level units are comprised with 2-3 bedrooms with 8 units per floor, first set back is on the 5th floor with 7 units most of which have 3 bedrooms, the second set back is on the 6th floor with 4 units per floor comprised with 3-4 bedrooms, while the last set back is on the 11th floor comprised with 3 units per floor each with 2-3 bedrooms.