New Urban Strip in New Urban Town

"New Urban Strip" can be introduced as the backbone and one of the most important and main east-west streets of the new city of Sadra. In the western part of this axis, in an area with an approximate length of 420 meters, it is planned to design a mixed uses strip.
By creating Development stimulus hub at this point, a balance can be struck between the three points east, center and west of the new city of Sadra, With the difference that other hubs of the city are uncoordinated.
The use of this strip, which is a combination of residential, commercial and office, is a lively space with night uses in which people have an active presence. In this project, an attempt has been made to separate the residential space from the street as much as possible and to ensure the independence of the residential spaces with the access located behind the parcels.
The facade has been formed in a dynamic and lively way by going back to the past and using Iranian architectural codes. The use of the porch as the main element of the formation of this strip, causes unity and integration in the urban landscape and spatial determination. In addition, the shadow and light that is obtained from these porches, protects the audience from direct sunlight and rain.
The green space design in this strip, by creating a chahar-bagh, for pedestrians and bicycles, makes it possible for them to experience the presence of a high quality urban space in a safe environment with climatic comfort.
The use of coordinated architecture and setback of the upper floors creates a dynamic skyline. In addition, the podiums intended for the upper floors with residential use, act as a yard in height, which, despite the difference in height from the street level, can have a simultaneous experience of privacy and presence in the urban dynamics for residents. Using the same materials, extensive green space, architectural harmony creates a different approach and a unique urban space in the new city of Sadra.