Barfforoush Town Urban Design

Barf-Foroush lands in the northwest of Shiraz, on the hillside of Drak and on a 65 acre land adjacent to the Hosseini Al Hashemi Highway as an urban residential site. Due to its location and proximity to one of the city's major arteries, the site has a promising outlook towards the city.Accordingly, urban design of the site was started on the basis of existing capabilities and according to the principles of urban planning by this consultant. In the center of the site, a large urban green space is proposed as the core of the gathering and adjacent to it is an active commercial order to enhance the complexity and urban identity of the complex. The design of the six-pointed tower at the highest point of the site has also been done with the aim of aerodynamic analysis of the wind and to obtain the best architectural form to respond to the wind situation. Overall, the urban design of Barf-Foroush Township aims to create an authentic residential site and a discontinuous residential development in the vicinity of Shiraz based on existing site capabilities and optimally utilizing these features.