Urban Design

Urban Planning Group of Line and Page Consulting Engineers with long experience in specialized fields of urban design and urban planning in different cities as well as membership in various organizational structures of Shiraz city, has played an important role in advancing the goals of Shiraz city and several cities .
One of the most important goals of this group is always to help balanced and cohesive urban growth in the framework of long-term planning goals and in line with sustainable urban development, and in this regard, various consulting services and design and planning at metropolitan levels to urban components. will be done .
Designing dynamic and quality urban sustainable places based on the basic principles of urban design such as environmental identity, density compatibility, identity, permeability ... and according to the specific indigenous and environmental contexts of each place in order to create a human-centered environment and Creating a favorable urban image for the citizens and the audience of each project has been one of the basic principles before this consultant.
In metropolitan dimensions, attention to the principles of upstream planning, principles of sustainable development and also the use of new trends and theories of urban planning such as smart growth (smarth growth), new urbanism (new urbanism) and .... has always been considered.
In this way, by using specialists in urban planning, architecture, traffic, surveying, economics, etc., as well as using various facilities, a comprehensive and extensive effort has been made to advance the goals of this consultant, as now engineers Line and page consultant is one of the experienced consultants in the field of urban planning in Shiraz and offers a wide range of urban planning services even beyond the level of Shiraz.
Based on the facilities and having the above forces and providing the required software and hardware, the company is ready to provide specialized consulting services in the above areas and hopes to use the set of facilities created to provide and Implementation of urban planning plans and projects with the maximum capacity of expertise and professional commitment to participate and commit to some assigned plans and projects with innovation and creativity.