Reyhane Residential Complex

Reyhaneh residential project is located in the urban district of Barfforoush, Neighboring Naz and Behta residential projects. The volume divides itself into two bodies of 12 and 6 floors (Reyhaneh, 1 and 2).

The two blocks are linked together from the ground and basement levels which include the service areas and parking.  A Large skylight with a beautiful green space in the heart of the two blocks provides light and ambience to the ground floor; it also helps to improve ventilation. Service areas in the basement level include: sport areas, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. The higher floors comprise of luxury units with active, extensive green roofs.

All floor plans enjoy balconies and voids that provide light and ventilation equipped with greenery. The open concept floor plans allow for better light penetration and extraordinary views to the city. This residential apartment with more than 30,000 square meters of floor area houses 104 units in total; 32 and 72 units in each block respectively.  The Reyhaneh residential apartment provides comfort with luxury to its residents.