Iran Industrial trade center

For an industrial building the notion of industry played a vital role in the design process. The characteristics of “industry”, is creation and movement. Production is the result of Creation and movement is the necessity.

From the early stages of design the team tried to subdivide the site to smaller lots with independent access. Because of the tight space at the back of the site the designed linear form with a grid structure provided a very easy access to the underground parking garage. In the residential zone located at the southern part of the site the goal was to achieve maximum independency and privacy. The form of the residential blocks was a product of movement of volumes that slid on each other; by moving the volumes in the upper floors.

The chain of the mechanical connection of specific volumes which are woven to each other was the main concept of the project. The creation of the connected space and the movement of the paths provide an easy access for the people who commute from the highway and Mehrabad airport.

Designing a live and motive skyline was one of the main goals for this project. By providing an exposed open space at the entrance of the building holding many different events such as; food booth, newspaper booth, conference hall where people and users could observe a very live and functional space, Materials exposed, elevators, large atriums behind the windows, with volumes that create the form of the skyline invite the people to use the place.

Gradual rising movement in the site while passing through many different events brings an inviting experience. The buried conference hall is located in the middle of the site with an easy and close connection to the secondary street driven from the highway.

The structure of the project was based on a 6.6 meters grid of column and sheer walls spread in the volume. The structural behavior of the titled volumes was strengthened by the perimeter rectangular columns around them. The mesh frame of the skin is connected to the structure, with Interior sheer walls for lateral forces. The underground parking provides more than 1000 parking spots for the commercial and office spaces included the visitors.