The Commercial Center of Imam Reza Town

This Commercial project has a total site area of ​​12,913 square meters, in the town of Imam Reza located in Zarghan city.
This project was constructed in three different phases, although the buildings unite to work as whole each phase allowed for an independent operation.
The slope of the land was taken advantage of as it was used as a design feature to manage and provide direct access from the street level to the roof, first floor and ground floor of the structure. Furthermore access from all corners of the site is permissible. This has allowed all floors to be dynamic and energetic.
Three floors make up the underground parking, ground floor and the first floor. The roof is covered with intensive and semi intensive green roof systems. The Main volume is greatly influenced by the traditional Iranian bazar in means providing a central access bounded by store units starting from phase1 following through a central garden and voids topped with traditional block domes. Shadowing the past and recapping former experiences, within an architectural system that works exceptionally still today.