The ministry of urban development and the ministry of road and transportation

The ministry of urban development and the ministry of road and transportation are situated on a 7483sq/m site in the center of Shiraz, adjacent to a main street "Satar Khan” the site benefits from an advantageous position through its visibility. As a skeleton for all functions, the client had selected a 4575sq/m 8-floor administrative building and a smaller 6-floor 2907sq/m neighboring building including social spaces with an additional single floor structure for retail functions. Facilities include: offices, conference rooms, exhibition spaces, library, dining rooms, restaurants and coffee shops.
The design creates favorable conditions for the creation and development of new ideas in the multi-component environment. The backbone of the design is the provocation of communication between people, casual acquaintances, and social events of all kinds. When it comes to the internal programming of the building, careful attention was given to the ability to maintain an open concept that promotes internal communication and a non-hierarchical environment.
Preliminary site analysis determined that positioning the structure on the southeastern corner of the plot of land would provide benefits both from an environmental control system standpoint – passive solar gain – and that of a metaphysical nature by means of a symbiotic relationship – through the transparent public south face overlooking the city. The site features a east-west sloping gradient, providing an added benefit that contributes to the programming and function of the form. The low-slung west face incorporates the main entrance accessed by means of a catwalk bridge. At the same time, the scales of the designs are functionally related with an access platform, creating exterior covered hallways, allowing the entrance to the building and providing meeting points while the space in between the buildings is considered as a main promenade, which interconnects the buildings to the street
The building was designed to be used as an office space, and it comprises a vanguard expression, with an attractive play of volumes which comes as a result of an accurate study of the regulations regarding the site. The design expression seeks to create a contrast between the noble expression of the concrete and the technological look of the ventilated façade. The west and east facades are conformed by a series of screen printed glass sunshades, which are placed transversally to the curtain wall, as a way of reducing the effects of the sun.
There is a drawback to this location, however: the noise. Taking into account this significant constraint, we decided to design the building’s casing as a double skin. Consequently, what might have remained a common white office building, gains originality from the way in which its facades are considered, constructed through the assembly of two types of prefabricated diamond-shaped panels. One type consists of a frame and glass panel, the other of a frame and aluminum panel. The molding effect created by the regularity of the panels, with their inclination, breaks the sight of a stacking of floors, altering and enhancing the urban scale of the building.
The buildings exterior is intended to be an icon for the client with views from a major vehicle artery and passers-by The design of the building itself takes the notion of balance and harmony, which evokes justice, conversely a rectangular penetration through the building is visible from the exterior, identity and character is the result of what seemed to be a dramatic undertaking. However the vitality and importance of sustainability is dramatically presented by; literally punching a whole through the building and planting trees visible to the public. The surrounding walls of the rectangular penetration are fabricated with cultural textiles that are laid over glass windows that provide for interesting views from the interior and the exterior.  The project undertakes the downward geography of the site by introducing a solid and half buried volume over which the building is raised. The raised volume seems to be floating since the volume beneath is of ceiling to floor glass windows.  
The design deliberately reveals calmness, gracefulness and elegance. It is an extremely challenging work to develop a revolutionary design of this kind with integrated sustainable attributes. The core of the interior spaces obstructs the west sunlight, creating a natural isolation between the solar radiation and the working areas. They also allow for proper ventilation, distributing fresh air through the building. Together with other energy saving measures, this natural system allows the building to use only half the energy consumed by a conventional office building, ensuring its sustainability. The Design is the ultimate expression of innovative art married with functional needs in consideration of the environment and humanity.