Eram Cultural-Recreational & Office Complex

Sustainability and good design are synonymous; the principles of environmental awareness are of importance in the manipulation of this design. This buildings design process is based on energy efficiency through appropriate selection of materials and tactical placement of windows and the implication of green a roof.

The site of the project is 4900 sq/m and is located adjacent to one of the main streets in the city of Shiraz called Eram. It is near a variety of vital spaces such as parks Gardens, cultural and sports accommodations. The building fits itself into the greater context and its immediate environment of greenery via the implication of green design intended to makes it favorable to the surroundings.

People are encouraged to enter and navigate to the building along a garden path that makes the roof of the ground floor. Huge skylights in the roof and on the surface of the green roof help the penetration of natural light into most spaces of the building; this is also done by placing these spaces around a central void; over 1000 sq/m of office spaces are fully glazed.

 There are 4 underground parking levels topped with a basement level that is entirely dedicated to sport facilities (Gym and Spa). The ground level makes up the atrium and the nine floors above combine of seminar rooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, multimedia rooms, coffee shops and game rooms. This building’s presence is loud in promoting sustainable design; it goes beyond the compliance and mandate to be responsible stewards of the natural world for us and our clients.