Building Material and Construction Tools Shopping Center

Pars commercial center located in Shiraz with over 65210m/sq of floor area functions as a showcase platform, marketing and retailing for industrial and construction products. Each floor of the building is specifically designed to house a certain category of construction goods. Three underground levels are dedicated to house 666 parking units while the first underground level provides the show case areas. A total of 7 floors rest on the foundation. The last floor is the office spaces with superior views of the city.

The volume of the building is in an “8” shape where one of the circles is larger than the other. As oppose to the volume setting back on higher floors; the structure gains floor areas at each level, starting with the ground floor which consumes 31% of the total site area to the last floor consuming 40%.

Not only this is a more interesting and innovative approach but it also serves as a direct response to the spaces required for the occupations. The main structural system is of beams and columns however a mesh-like skin covers a portion of each circle. This approach serves to make the building more approachable and user friendly as it is a commercial center; however it still keeps its industrial expression. It is easy to grasp the beauty of the building when looked upon; indeed it is a beautiful expression of architectural development within the Fars province.