Behta Residential Complex

Part of Barfforoush urban district is Behta residential apartment, with 21 floors and over 24,500 sq/m of floor area it includes four underground levels consisting of parking, storage rooms, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

The ground floor includes an auditorium, gym, reading room and two guest units. The vertical access is made efficient through five elevators and two stair cases.  Central heating and cooling system controls the ventilation. 140 parking spaces are available within the four underground levels, where the guest parking’s designed to operate separately enhancing safety to the residents parking.

The complex consists of 82 units of three to four bedrooms. Floor plans are designed to have an area between 150-180 sq/m. Residents take advantage of the higher floors that are equipped with larger terraces which benefit from the beautiful view.

The volume of the apartment is in two attached bodies of 21 floors and 16 floors; the 8th floor, roof has allowed for an active green roof design in addition to a beautiful landscape, users can benefit from the beautiful plants and water assemblies. In the interior a void can be seen above the lobby up to the eighth floor, acting as a skylight for surrounding spaces and the green spaces designed in the interior of the ground floor.