Ghasrodasht Residential Complex

Arab is a 5 -unit residential apartment located adjacent to Ghasredasht Street with a total area of 2000 square meters. It consists of three residential floors with an additional underground level that includes; parking spaces, Storage rooms, Swimming pool, Sauna and a Jacuzzi. This apartment has every intention to achieve the former; the comfort of home combine with nature and luxury.

In an approach to preserve the natural environment the buildings front façade embraces itself around the existing mature trees providing exceptional views from the interior while creating a close relationship to the natural environment. In addition to this a void has been placed in the center of the building with designed greenery at the ground floor, providing a source of ventilation and light within the core of the building.

The importance of nature has also played a role in the third floor where an active green roof is designed with beautiful plants and water assemblies for the residents to benefit from. All these systems work inelegantly together to provide heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation, the result is a residential space that is full-of-life at all times and seasons.

The designer did not hold back on other essentials such as the closet space which is generous in its size and a king size bed sumptuous and a streamlines bathroom. The interior intention was to promote comfort and intimacy. The pursuits of perfection though form and material has to be poised against practical realities.