Kanoone vocala Residential Complex

Kanoone vocala apartment buildings make up a portion of 4750m/sq of a 65 acre master plan located to the North West on the outer skirts of Shiraz. Architecturally and urbanistically speaking, two factors made this project a delicate operation. On the one hand was the requirement to build a residence for dependent elderly that would be open toward the neighborhood and compatible with the surrounding apartment buildings. And on other was hand was the need for security comfort and privacy.

The aim of the scheme there by was to create an attractive habitat that combined the concept of urbanity and density with those of tranquility and privacy. The result is a 5 story complex plus one level of underground parking that merges 50 dwellings based on 10 different floor plans. These dwellings were conceived as a special puzzle, distributing the apartments to facilitate the use of natural lighting, views and intimacy with a high degree of independence and privacy. Thus the apartment blocks are organized in a manner that creates partially enclosed spaces. However the area between the four apartments allow for a void of greenery and lighting advantages.

 The internal plans of the housing units vary according to their disposition relative to the site amenities and orientation. Three basic strategies yield for a variety of plan typologies. The units that are linear along the north east axis have exposure for living dining and kitchen yielding sunshine and views to the central courtyard. The units that are linear along the south axis have the living and bedroom areas oriented perpendicular to the length of the building. This allows these living areas to have more privacy as they look out to undeveloped regions. The proposed architectural scheme was carried out using simple combined elements and a voluntary restraint in avoiding any overly emphatic gesture – all effects except scale.