400-unit residential complex Dinakan

Dinakan residential is a multi-unit housing development in the North-West of Shiraz. The 14440sq/m site is situated in a corner of a junction neighboring community parks and former residential units.    

The designing of housing blocks is without doubt one of the most interesting and attractive subjects of contemporary architecture. This is because in these projects the architects face some of the most serious conflicts generated by present day society: the problem of high density development in large cities, the shortage development land and the degradation of quality of life due to factors such as acoustic and environmental pollution.

This project is committed to social reality and the environment. This can be seen both in the layout of the residential units and in the way the buildings relate to their context. Not only in their immediate sense but also in the large-scale of the city and in their relationship with the climate

The volumes of this project finds the most attractive and functional solutions. Preserving the Trees and embracing the building around them is rather a construction in close relation to nature as a form of ecological architecture.  The volumes have been arranged in a manner in which the exiting trees remain at site creating central gardens and green walkways.  The use of vertical construction is another approach in minimizing the buildings footprint while at the same time meeting the occupation and environmental requirements.

Perhaps such methods should be amongst the standards for a new way of conceiving life in residential blocks not in the habitual sense of high density development and mediocrity but through a recovery of dignity and quality of life.