Kourosh Residential Complex

A primary priority was that the apartment needed to be everything at all times: a place to catch-up with work or catch up with sleep; a place to retreat and relax; and a place to entertain both formally and casually. The intention to achieve the comfort of “home” and the luxury of a five star hotel is prominent throughout the building; this is seen by the amenities provided: Meeting rooms, social rooms and sport rooms including a pool table, Ping-Pong table, foosball table and a full size gym, two swimming pools a Jacuzzi and a sauna.

The volume has been separated into two bodies with a central garden which provides for the entrances to both apartment buildings. The buildings differ in the number of units. The building to the north has 3 floors with 12 units while the building to the south has 3 floors with 9 units over a total site area of 1164.92 m/sq.

Another parameter to the brief was the need to be luxurious but display a definite middle-eastern charm. Attention to this detail was overseen by KhatoSafhe sourcing textiles, ceramics, and floor coverings. However the attitude is modern middle-eastern rather than anything ethnic. Often the only clue might be in color- a ripe aborigine, and the more earthy tones that are akin to middle-eastern interiors.

The sparkling new development will emulates the classic stylish of eastern architecture, yet with a strain of modernity running through it. The structure will provide upscale housing unit in central Shiraz.