Khat & Safhe Consulting Engineers

Khat and Safhe consulting engineers has been honored to play an efficient role in improving living space quality in architecture and urban design fields via implementing over 300 large and small scale projects. This company has been able to maintain a dynamic name and has established a brilliant record among the engineers society through its professional experts and skilled personnel with over one decade of activity in fields such as: architecture, urban design, urban planning, mechanical engineering, interior design, park and landscape and green roof design. Since designing themes require expertise , our experts have acquired the state-of-the-art knowledge and recognized certificates in three major fields of green-roof designing, designing tall buildings, and designing leisure, amusement and theme parks (water parks), by taking special international training courses, attending world conferences, and conducting extensive research projects. The company has managed to introduce itself as a pioneer in design by completing creative and complicated projects in the various fields mentioned above.

Aslan Jonoubi